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SOC webinar - CCM explained


SOC webinar - Intricacies of SOC


Expert perspectives from MGC Global Risk Advisory LLP

Watch the scintillating response from Monish Gaurav Chatrath to the burning question on ‘what should companies do next’ by viewing this 30-second clip; and c...

Expert 3

Webinar on effective goal setting

Our Covid risk mitigation knowledge series

Addressing one of the most serious threats that organizations across the spectrum are facing in these unprecedented and challenging times - threats regarding the theft of information and intangible assets.

The 'State of M&A' debate

What type of changes in M&A activity do we expect to see in the near to medium term? What is the current M&A outlook of Indian businesses with global aspirations?

Our Firm takes the lead on Healthcare

We moderated a key panel discussion on the topic of 'Single v/s multi-speciality hospitals' as part of our role as the knowledge partners for the prestigious BW Businessworld Healthcare Summit & Awards 2016.

SOC webinar - SOC for supply chain


SOC Webinar - About SOC


Expert 5

Webinar on effective goal setting

Expert 2

Webinar on effective goal setting

Fraud mitigation perspectives from MGC Global Risk Advisory LLP

Make fraud mitigation a part of your broader risk management agenda. Identify and break the fraud triangle in your organization. Watch Ruchi Dadwal speak to Aakansha singh (both from MGC Global Risk Advisory LLP) on the key takeaways from our recent internal training on fraud prevention, in this short 4-minute capsule.

The State of Governance – Episode II

We ask some pertinent questions regarding the administration and monitoring of the legal, moral and ethical framework in the context of which business decisions are made, to a distinguished panel.

Green Walk

The embracement of a greener lifestyle is imperative to combat the high levels of pollution, which are not only destroying the respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological systems of the cities we live in, but are also adversely impacting nature, and consequently, our very survival.

SOC webinar - Benefits of SOC


Experts | In conversation with Monish G Chatrath

In the run up to our 5 year anniversary celebrations, tune in to hear the story about a true risk advisory services Firm -- MGC Global Risk Advisory

Expert 4

Webinar on effective goal setting

Expert 1

Webinar on effective goal setting

Risk management leanings from practical experiences

A scintillating and intellectually stimulating session earlier this week, with three of the best risk and fraud management professionals sharing their practical experiences and providing practical futuristic insights. Their views will prove to be game-changers in how we must manage risks during and post COVID 19.Watch Robin Banerjee, Sandhya Sriram and Monish Gaurav Chatrath in the first of our excerpts from the recently held webinar on “Slowdown, lockdown and opening up | Risk management learnings from practical experiences..

The State of Governance – Episode I

We raise burning issues faced by the industry and the profession that have emerged due to changes in the Companies Act, amendments in Clause 49 and the 10 point governance agenda of the Modi Government.

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