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Environmental, Social, and Governance (‘ESG’)

Our team helps organizations identify, prioritize, and develop their ESG initiatives through consultation with key stakeholders, benchmarking, and development of a customized ESG roadmap as well as support for decarbonization roadmaps. 

ESG assessments & reporting are gaining prominence to address the requirements of a varied set of stakeholders, such as investors, shareholders, institutions, regulators and customers. These require the identification & prioritization of the most relevant and impactful factors; and a systematic assessment of measures that protect the environment & people, address climate change and strengthen human rights. With various frameworks already in place and others in development, the choice and usage of the pertinent standards for ESG assessments and reporting have gained complexity. 

Meeting Between Colleagues
Our ESG services include the following:

Undertaking ESG due diligence

Preparation of sustainability reports

Developing & validating the ESG strategy & roadmap

Establishment of targets for measuring and monitoring ESG performance

Undertaking ESG materiality assessments

Assistance with readiness for ESG assurance

Assistance with baselining


Assistance in greenhouse gas emissions management & reporting

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