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Internal Audits

Are your internal auditors...
  • Bent on tearing apart your process;
  • Embarrassing your people who do the "real work";
  • Piercing the wounded after the battle is over; &
  • Serving as distractions for your management from their important responsibilities?

Then you can look to us for customized and value-driven solutions for your risk and assurance function while covering one or a combination of the offerings written below.

Business Presentation
Our internal audits include the following:

Preparation of test


Development of the internal audit strategy

Assessment of capabilities of your internal audit function

Providing practical

suggestions for


Assessing your internal

audit observations for

their risks and


Preparation of a risk driven charter

Evaluation of the effectiveness of internal audits

Provision of support for your audit committee presentations

Undertaking root cause assessments to ascertain the precise deficiencies

Provision to the management and audit committees with assurance over specific areas of concern

We also engage in various forms of sourcing (including internal audits, controls assessments, stock audits & physical verification of fixed assets & inventory).

Complete outsourcing

Co-sourcing (including stock audits, verification of fixed assets & inventory)


"I would like to share my appreciation for the entire MGC Global auditing team who have done a wonderful audit. It was great to see how the auditors deep dived into the processes and brought out constructive opportunities for further process improvement. The approach of the auditors throughout the whole process was commendable".

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