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Awards & Initiatives

'Best Place to Work in 2024'
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Recognitions like these are a testimony of our delivery of the MGC global brand experience to our clients and people

Our firm's main focus is on ensuring the success of our clients and the accomplishment of their goals, rather than on winning awards for ourselves and broadcasting our achievements. At the same time, we understand that awards and accolades may be indicators of success; and we will be more than pleased to share such information with you, as may be required.

'Top Exceptional Leaders in Risk Advisory Services in 2023’ by Global Biz Outlook
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‘Risk Advisory Consultant of the Year’ by Inner Review in 2021 
‘Top 25 Customer Centric Companies’ by CEO Magazine in 2020
Recognized as one of the 'Top Exceptional Companies' to Work For in 2020
Recognized as the 'Company of the Year 2019' in the category of Risk advisory services

It takes more than a great idea to create a vision; it is the people, who rally behind that vision to keep it alive and make it a reality, that are behind the success of an enterprise.

Recognized as the 'Risk advisory services firm' of the Year in 2018

Leaders are as good as the team supporting them.

Recognised as one of the ’10 Most Promising GRC Consultants' in India
Visions are easy to formulate. Implementation is hard.

The vision for MGC Global is 'to simply be the best providers of risk advisory services’. In a short span of two years, the path towards the realization of this vision has seen a revolutionary and unprecedented growth. The merits of governance and enterprise wide risk management are deeply embedded in all of its risk advisory service offerings, which are driven by a unique passion, sense of commitment, quest for excellence and with a clear vision. According to Monish G Chatrath, the Managing Partner of MGC Global, “Our sense of accomplishment, is whenever a client states that because of us, he has been able to get a sound sleep.”. According to Tarun Kher, Associate Partner at MGC Global, “A vision is only successful when it resonates with and appeals to the aspirations of all stakeholders, which includes our clients and team members. Ours is an engaging story that people want to be a part of, where challenges are overcome with cohesive teamwork and where our vision is deeply embedded in our day to day working ethos and practices”.

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