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Risk Assurance

If you are seeking to strive for competitive advantage, then you also need to ensure that this is not given away.

We believe risk assurance is vital in modern business, emphasizing the effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability of an organization's risk management. It involves systematically evaluating and ensuring an organization can identify, assess, and mitigate risks affecting its objectives.

If you wish to protect your market position, then whether or not to embrace a risk management culture, is not an option anymore. This includes assessing the adequacy of control measures and response plans in place.

Our risk assurance solutions are developed with a special focus on the legislative requirements and comprise the following:

Profiling of


Polarization of risks (at gross and residual levels)

Assessment of capabilities of your internal audit


Evaluation of mitigating measures (including benchmarking with best practices)

Analysis and management of threat

Risk assurance (including at enterprise-wide level)

Institutionalization of a cost-effective mechanism for self-assessment

Development of risk management policy with related processes and mitigating framework

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