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The MGC Global
Annual Report 

Where growth does not circumvent quality

We encourage our clients to dream big & demonstrate unwavering commitment to help them transform their potential into reality.

Welcome to 
MGC Global Risk Advisory

Your safety net for risk management 

Our Firm was established in September of 2015, with the vision to be the best providers of risk advisory services wherever it operates...

Our Risk Advisory Solutions


If you feel that your internal auditors are bent on tearing apart  processes.


 If you are worried about the plethora of regulatory compliance..


If you are seeking to strive for competitive advantage..

Stay ahead of the curve

Managing ‘fraud’ in the current times
Future Boardrooms | Challenges and Strategies


"I wanted to take a moment to thank Monish for leading the community call today. Your presentation on the value of internal audits and risk management was excellent. You did a great job of explaining the importance of these two functions, and I think everyone who attended the call learned a lot. I also wanted to thank all the participants of the call for their participation. Visit the resource center to view the meeting notes. Thanks again Monish for your leadership."

-- Maughtlyn Thomas, Allinial Global
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The MGC Global brand is not just a logo, a shade of colour, a unique font style or size or the visual and tactile nature of business cards – it is a complete experience with all the elements coming together in harmony.
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